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Construction in record time

Modular construction consists of the development of buildings based on the development of modules that are later joined to complete a single structure, these modules are manufactured using the same materials and respecting the same quality and safety standards, but offering greater speed than conventional construction.

Developing modular constructions generates additional benefits for us, starting with better control of the quality of the products since they are the subject of rigorous processes carried out within the construction plants, significantly reducing the time at the final location, saving personnel transport. This also increases safety for workers, among others.

Advantages of the Modular Modular Construction

• Modular Construction is completed in 1/3 the time of a conventional construction. • The number of workers in the modular system is 1/4 of the conventional work. • The modular system has no material waste. • The modular system allows first class finishes. • The modular system is easily transportable. • The system is deconstructable (it can be disassembled, mobilized and reassembled with minimal loss of material). TYPES We can mention some types of modular buildings:
  • Standard modules.
  • Ship
  • Households
  • Multipurpose buildings (Offices, hospitals, schools, Hotel, etc.)